Nebraska City, Nebraska

Nebraska City was founded in 1850 by William Nuckolls as a trading post and riverboat stop on the Missouri river. The "Mighty Mo" as the Missouri River is locally nicknamed, forms the eastern border of the State of Nebraska between Iowa and Missouri. The Mighty Mo demonstrated during the spring floods of 2011 that it is well deserving of the nickname.

This park sign at the Riverview Marina shows the water line from the flood of 2011. The entire sign was below the flood waters.The Riverview Marina is located north of Nebraska City. You will need a park permit to enter and that can be purchased at Paap's Shop located at 1315 S. 11th Street, Nebraska City. But bring cash. No cards accepted in this bait shop.

The 12,000 square foot Lewis and Clark Visitor Center is located on Nebraska Highway 2 just west of the Missouri River.The Visitor Center is one stop on the 3,700 miles of the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail that passes through 11 states. The journey began in 1804 and the 46 explorers of the Corps of Discovery set out to document a trail through the northern area of the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean. The round trip journey was over three years in the making. The Lewis and Clark Visitor Center here displays over 178 plants, examples of the wildlife encountered, a replica of a 55 foot keel boat and a replica of a North American Native earth lodge.
entrance to Lewis and Clark Center

Stop in at the Lewis and Clark Visitor's Center lewis and clark center hours of operation canoe at Lewis and Clark Center keelboat at Lewis and Clark Center

Nebraska City is home to many places of interest.

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard

kimmel orchardis located north of Nebraska City and was established in 1925 by Richard and Laurine Kimmel. Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard has paired with the University of Nebraska Extension Program and the Kimmel Education and Research Center Kimmel research center

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